The Mommy Chronicles

Hey friends!

Do you ever find yourself drinking wine in your closet? How about staying up late at night after your kids are in bed, just to have a moment to yourself? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place. This is your safe space and we are your people.

The Blog

Meet the team

Mallory ~ I am a newlywed, mother to 3 boys, IT Support professional, and sarcastic friend to all. With all the free time I don’t have, I decided to start a blog with my best friend because I like to keep as many irons in the fire as possible. Let’s all hope for the best here.

Dea~ She’s the brains behind this operation and the real grown up here. Successful mother, wife, and career driven woman. She is the editor, the moral support, content approver, and best friend to the writer. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you need someone more adult than you to guide you on grown up shit.

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